Biking and Hiking in Richmond Virginia

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Richmond is one of the best cities for trails in the continental US. A large network of paths runs through the James River Park System, ranging from a simple stroll to an arduous hike. Most of these trails are tended by volunteers, and nearly all are built well and very visible. Trails are also open from dawn till dusk. If you’re looking for homes for sale in the Richmond Virginia area, consider Canal St. property to stay close to the action.

James River ParkBiking-and-Hiking-Trails-Near-Fort-Myers-Beach-and-Naples

Pony Pasture is home to most of the park’s easier trails. The side trails provide amazing views of the river, and most loop back around to the parking lot if you just follow them along. At the end of Tredegar St, across the Celle Isle Pedestrian Bridge, you’ll find an incredible view of the downtown Richmond area. Intermediate trails can be spotted on the island that used to be a Civil War prison camp.

If you’re looking for advanced trails, you’ll find a few good ones at the Reedy Creek parking lot. Explore Buttermilk Trail, or cross the train tracks for something more rustic.

Gearing Up

Whatever hiking distance you plan to make, you should consider bringing a few things with you on the trip. A cell phone is most important, in case anything happens while you’re out and about. Next, pack plenty of water. It’s recommended to drink roughly 3 liters of water per day, but you can bring a lot less than that if you’re not doing a full day hike. Walking shoes are good for supporting your feet, and will keep your feet feeling limber and light throughout the day.

Safety Tips

If you come across a trail that is wet, be sure to warn bikers as they pass you. If you come into contact with groups of people, have your group form a single-file line to make it easier for everyone to pass. Some trails can get narrow, although most are well groomed. Cyclists and pedestrians can both share the trails, and it’s common to find both groups out there.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering Chesterfield county real estate, you’ll be happy to know there is a large park full of outdoor adventures waiting just a few minutes from your home. Richmond’s James River Park is dog friendly too, so bring your pooch to enjoy a day out in the sun.


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