Great Ways to Experience San Juan Island’s Majestic Orca Whales

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One of the reasons San Juan Island has become a popular vacation destination is because of its vibrant, exotic local wildlife. The most majestic and striking of these unique creatures are the monochrome orca whales that make their home in the island’s waters during summertime. Here are three ways to enjoy an unforgettable experience with San Juan Island’s whales.

The Whale Museum

The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor has become a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike due to its blend of fascinating exhibits and educational information about the local orca whales.

Spirit of Orca Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours

This highly rated tour agency will bring you to the best spots for whale watching, and a naturalist tour guide will share their knowledge of the local wildlife as you take in all the breathtaking sights.

Kayaking with Sea Quest Expeditions

If you’d like to combine the fun hobby of kayaking with whale watching, Sea Quest Expeditions allows you to paddle a kayak into zones where you’ll get up close and personal with whales, sea lions, and even soaring bald eagles.

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