Making Your Own Travel Cushion for Long Car Rides

TravelMate-Coccyx-Orthopedic-Gel-enhanced-Comfort-Foam-Seat-CushionWritten by: The Foam Factory

If you’re prone to getting nasty backaches or numb, tingling sensations during long car rides, you’re not alone. The pressure put on your tailbone by sitting for extended periods on a surface that’s too firm can cause an aching back, tingling sensations in your arm and even painful headaches. One simple solution to this problem is to whip out a needle and thread and sew your own travel cushion. Having something soft to sit on can significantly decrease your pain.

Seat cushions in traditional cars are designed to be ergonomic, but they’re still not ideal for everyone. To add insult to injury, a seat that was once comfortable may become less supportive over time. This drives many consumers to seek out an added layer of padding to stay comfortable on a long drive.

You’ll need:

  • Two squares of fabric of your choosing, about 2′ x 2′
  • A needle and thread
  • Foam inserts

To begin, lay one fabric square on top of the other with the sides of the fabric you want on the outside of the pillow facing inward toward one another. Carefully stitch 3 1/2 of the 4 sides along the edge, knotting the thread at its end to secure your stitches. Gently turn the fabric right side out, making what appears to be a pillowcase. Stuff the case with the foam insert. Tuck the unsewn edges of the fabric inward and use a simple overlock stitch to close the gap.

Your cushion replacement will be attractive, portable and excellent at reducing your discomfort during even the longest car rides.

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