The Basics of Booking a Charter Bus

If you need to book a shuttle bus for a trip, whether it’s an event or a tour of the city, the prospect isn’t too overwhelming once you know which questions to ask. Each charter service is going to have some subtle differences in pricing, and which packages or buses they offer, but the basic methodology for booking is the same. Here is some advice to help you determine which is most important to you on your trip.

Book Early

If you want the best possible price, book your charter bus early. This allows you to secure the bus you need to transport your group, since most booking agents won’t be able to hold that equipment without some kind of verification on your end.

Ask for a quote as soon as possible, review that quote with any decision makers, and do some comparison shopping. If you can, request all of your quotes on the same day. Some you’ll get back immediately, others may take a few days.

Invoicing may be upfront, after the trip or require some kind of upfront payment.


As you might imagine, any company that runs an airport shuttle is pretty good at being prompt. When you book your appointment for pickup, your bus will arrive within 15 minutes of that designated time. That means you and your party should be ready to go to keep with your itinerary. Nothing is worse than losing valuable time in an amazing locale because you were late to your bus.

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