Top Travel Tips for Abu Dhabi First-Timers

Is Abu Dhabi Safe?

Yes. Abu Dhabi is considered a very safe city where the crime late is extremely low – near to zero almost. However, the city police still maintain strict policies to ensure that this crime rate is kept at this rate. It’s always safe to explore the city at any time but don’t forget to take precautions – you can opt for a car hire in Abu Dhabi to aid in your travels if you wish. Since Abu Dhabi is a major hub for tourists, you’ll expect to see thieves and pickpockets scouring the area.

When Should You Travel to Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi’s sub-tropical climate zone makes for hot and warm temperatures throughout the year. While the summer season tends to be a bit on the hotter side, it’s advisable to travel from the month of November to February as temperatures will stay within a good range – enough for you to walk around in peace. Furthermore, many outdoor festivals and activities are also held around these months due to the great weather.


There are several ways to travel around the city. For one, you can rent a car in Abu Dhabi for a reasonable rate (depending on the company you sign with). You also have the option of taking a taxi, a bus, or travel with a tour. There is a good network of roads within the city so you can hardly expect to see any traffic issues – even at peak times. However, if you do plan to rent a car, be sure that you arm yourself with a map or an updated GPS to make your trip much smoother.

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