When You Should Choose a Charter Bus Over a Shuttle Bus for Group Trips

Summary: When it comes to bus rentals, you have a variety of options – two of the most popular being charter buses and shuttle buses.

Renting a bus essentially removes the hassle of figuring out how to navigate a large group of people safely and efficiently. Consider the fact that it makes more sense to opt for a rental as opposed to carpooling, renting cars, or leaving it up to each person to figure out his or her own transportation situation. Needless to say, planning a group trip is an overwhelming task on its own.

Now, the next question you’ll want to ask yourself if whether you’re in the market for a charter bus or a shuttle bus. But, in order to determine which option will work best for your trip, know that both buses are used for completely different purposes.

Charter Buses

For long distance trips, charter buses tend to be more comfortable and accommodating for the passengers. Typically, parties will rent a charter bus when taking a trip that lasts longer than a day or more. Most of these buses are equipped with amenities like personal air conditioning, entertainment systems, and even bathrooms, making it an all-in-one vehicle that can handle hours of driving without having to make multiple pit stops.

Shuttle Buses

On the other hand you have shuttle buses, which lack the luxurious amenities that charter buses have onboard, but are useful for same-day trips. Basically, they can transport a large group of people from one destination to another. The name shuttle bus really says it all – it offers a shuttling service from point A to point B. When transportation is your only objective, your best bet would be to rent a shuttle bus. Plus, you’ll be saving some money on the side as well.

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