How to Get Around on the Cayman Islands

Article by Global Travel Tourism.

At some point or another, everyone needs to go see the Cayman Islands for themselves. There is nothing like taking in these island paradises. No matter what you usually like to do on vacation, this is a no-brainer. You won’t experience anything but pure joy while here, thanks to the constant sun and the amazing people who call this place home.

Although the island isn’t that big, it’s packed with amazing restaurants, hotels and sights. You can check out Seven Mile Beach, the Cayman Islands National Museum and Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. For an unrivaled photo opportunity, you have to check out Stingray City. You can swim with and even hand feed these beautiful creatures.

More than likely, you’ll return to these islands again and again after just your first trip. However, for best results, invest in Grand Cayman car rentals every single time. While the island has public transportation and your hotel may have a shuttle service, this forces you to see the islands on someone else’s timetable.

With a Cayman Islands rent a car service, you get to see or return to any sight you want whenever you wish to do so, giving you complete control over your vacation.

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