How to Replace Your RV Cushions Easily and Quickly

You don’t have to live with lumpy RV cushions, simply replace them.

Written by: The Foam Factory

If you own an RV, or motor home, than you might notice that one of the areas that’s “lacking”, is the durability of the camper cushions. Now, there are times where many of these RV manufacturers use a cheaper type of cushion filling in order to cut costs when they produce their vehicles. Rather, these manufacturers will focus on other amenities within the RV like the electronics, exterior design, and furniture. Now, if you are looking for more comfort inside your brand new RV, then consider swapping out the old cushions for a better feel.

How to Replace Your Cushions

Many RV cushions are put inside the seats and held together by either a zipper or stitching. Now, many of them can be taken apart, assuming that they are not stitched together – but this can be easily solved by taking it to a specialist that focuses on upholstery. But, if the seat has a zipper, take out the cushion and replace it with the new foam that you have purchased. Be sure that you measure the foam correctly otherwise you will be faced with the task of having to cut the foam or reordering it.

Now, accurate measurements are very important when it come to replacing anything from your RV bedding to your cushions. Ensure that the foam that you are purchasing will fit within the over as well. If it’s even the slightest big too big, you will have a lumpy seat that you or your guests will be sitting on.

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