The Best Way to See Galapagos

galapagos-2Written by Phineas Upham,

Many people tout the beauty waiting for tourists in the Galapagos Islands as the perfect opportunity for a cruise. You can try booking a cruise to tour the islands, and you’ll see some amazing sights too. The islands are a wonderful spot to hike, and those more inclined to spend time outdoors will want to get up close and personal. In fact, a cruise ship won’t give you the kind of intimate access that truly unlocks the island’s grandeur. Taking a land tour of the Galapagos Islands is the best way to absorb the atmosphere of the island.

Why Land?

Even though a land trip through Galapagos takes longer to plan, you will ultimately save money on your travel expenses. More of the money you spend on a land vacation goes to the natives too, thus helping the population of the island.

You’ll also get to meet the locals, an opportunity missed by those who traverse in boats. Land trips are better on the environment of Galapagos, and you have the chance to see more of the island’s diverse wildlife.


Most of the wildlife on the island is strangely curious. You will find baby sea-lions frolicking in the water and asleep on rocks. You can walk amongst penguins and spot the island’s diverse species of birds. Santa Cruz island also has a breeding center for the population of giant sea turtles.

These pockets of wildlife are virtually inaccessible to those who just cruise by. While there are ample opportunities for snorkeling on a cruise, the true draw of nature is found when you walk the islands.

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